Restaurant Management Features


Easy Billing & KOT

Fast and accurate billing and KOT simplify restaurant operations.

  • Comprehensive Table Management
  • Multi-terminal Billing
  • Works with 200+ printers and weighing scales
  • GST Wise Billing

Inventory & Recipe Management

Effectively manage your inventory and automatically synchronize it across online aggregator portals.

  • Raw material management
  • Multi-Stage recipe
  • Stock inward

Menu Management

Whether it is dining or takeaway, you can fully control your menu items and prices.

  • Item Variations, Add-ons and Combos
  • Customizable Menu Rate

In-depth Analysis & Reports

Manage your operations with actionable reports.

  • Total Daily Orders Report
  • Bill cancellation and modification control and reporting.
  • Inventory reporting
  • Expense Report
  • Chart Wise Report
  • Daily Balance Report